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ROAS calculator

Learn everything you need to know about ROAS and calculate your own metric by using our easy to use ROAS calculator.

Profit margin calculator

Profit margin is a strong indicator of your financial efficiency, getting it right is crucial. Learn the formula and see some real life examples of profit margin.

Reorder point calculator

The Reorder point is crucial for all e-commerce businesses, it's the golden equation for your inventory. Calculate your Reorder Point now.

Safety stock calculator

Safety stock protects your business from unforeseen events. Learn how to calculate your safety stock to keep your business in order.

Stripe fee calculator

Find out everything you need to know about Stripe Payment pricing, all the fees and costs they have and how do they charge you.

FBA revenue

Check out this complete guide on how to use the Amazon UK FBA Revenue Calculator, everything you need to know in one place.

Calculating FBA fees

Take a look at how Amazon FBA works and what kind of fees there are. Don't miss out on knowledge that can save you a lot of money.

Calculating return on equity

Learn how to calculate and improve your return on equity, examples included. Have a look.

How much is your startup equity worth?

Find our how much your startup equity is worth and how to value it in the best way possible.

Introduction to cash flow management

Cash flow 101 – prepare and strategise for all scenarios with better cash flow knowledge and forecasting.

Calculating creditor days

Creditor days refers to the average number of days it takes your business to pay your suppliers. As such, this metric has an important impact on your cash flow.

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