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by Sam Franklin | August 10, 2022 | 19 min read

21 of the biggest UK third-party logistics companies (for UK eCommerce businesses’ consideration)

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Last updated: September 02, 2022

The growing eCommerce market has contributed to the increase in the number of third-party logistics (3PL) companies. Statistics show that the current global revenue of the 3PL industry is $961.8 billion, and the value is expected to reach more than $1.75 trillion by 2026. 

The majority of growing eCommerce businesses are abandoning the traditional model of handling all operations in-house and outsourcing services from third-party logistics companies. If you are scaling your small business, paying attention to product development, marketing, and customer satisfaction becomes difficult if you are using all your time negotiating shipping contracts.

Choosing a 3PL partner eases your operations because these shipping and fulfilment experts pick, pack, and ship products to your customers on your behalf. A 3PL provider helps you manage your supply chain. In addition, they provide services such as order fulfilment, retail distribution, warehouse and inventory management, shipping coordination, returns and exchanges.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the key third-party logistics providers in the UK and the services they provide to help you choose an ideal 3PL partner for your business. 

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Top 21 UK third-party logistics companies

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If you are looking for a third-party logistics company for your small business, here’s the list of the top providers to consider.

1. Parcelhub

Parcelhub is one of the UK’s leading multi-carrier service providers. Its services integrate effortlessly with most marketplaces, order management systems, and eCommerce platforms; therefore, it can work for any type of business. It can integrate with OMS and ERP systems such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Parcelhub distributes more than 8 million parcels annually via its own carrier. Located in Colwick Quays Business Park, it has eight depots and two fulfilment centres across the UK, which handle about 3.8 billion items a year. As a privately-held company, Parcelhub has a turnover of more than £600 million and employs over 1,500 people. 

Parcelhub focuses on providing innovative carrier management and fulfilment solutions for different brands, retailers, and wholesalers by shipping products from and into the UK. The 3PL provider links more than 20 carriers and over 600 delivery options with eCommerce platforms and delivers to more than 200 countries globally. 

Its main services include:

  • Warehousing

  • Picking and packing

  • Multiple platform integration

  • Multi-carrier shipping

  • Software-only shipping

  • eCommerce support

  • UK inbound shipping

  • Outsourced tracking support

Here are the benefits of using Parcelhub for your small business:

  • It saves time because it's driven by APIs which accelerate manual processes.

  • You can access pooled volume discounted shipping rates to save money.

  • Increased delivery performance.

  • Enhanced tracking performance using tracking services.

2. Huboo

Huboo is a third-party logistics company that offers end-to-end multi-channel fulfilment services to small businesses. They do all this from their fulfilment centres in the UK and the European Union. Established in 2017, Huboo shipped more than 5 million products in the past 12 months and has more than 1,000 clients. 

Currently, the logistics provider employs more than 400 employees. Huboo’s fulfilment centres in the UK are located in Vertex Park South, Emersons Green in Bristol. However, they have more locations in Wiltshire; Veldhoven, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain; Leipzig, Germany; and Central Park, Bristol. They also have a storage centre in Interplex, Bristol.

Huboo directly integrates multiple eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. In addition, they also provide real-time stock management and do not charge any storage fee for the first two months. 

If you want to get Huboo, they provide tailored pricing based on product type and volume. However, you can also choose to subscribe to their different plans. The Silver option costs £25 per month for 300 orders per month; Gold costs £50 a month for 1,500 orders; Enterprise goes for £150 per month for a 5,000 order limit.

Here are the key services your business will get from Huboo:

  • Free and fast integration

  • UK and European fulfilment centre

  • Free goods in

  • Free storage for two months

  • Unique micro-warehouse hub model

  • Global courier service

  • Returns and cover

  • Fulfilment dashboard for tracking

3. James and James eCommerce Fulfilment

Established in 2010, James and James provides fulfilment solutions to businesses. If you choose this 3PL provider for your business, you can reach customers locally and globally through their wide network of fulfilment centres. James and James have established fulfilment centres in Northampton, UK; Venlo, EU; and in Ohio, US. 

They are also planning to open more centres in the West Coast, U.S, Canada, and Australia to serve more customers globally. Their fulfilment centres are designed for fast-moving consumer brands. If you work with James and James, you’ll get 98% same-day dispatch and 99.9% pick and pack accuracy. So far, they have 272 employees.

Additionally, you can fulfil orders from any of your channels with the company’s eCommerce platform integrations. You can integrate your online shipping cart with the James and James software to make order fulfilment much easier. The most common integrations include Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Magento.   

The 3PL company retrieves orders automatically, picks, packs, and ships them from the global fulfilment centres. James and James Fulfilment do not offer off-the-shelf fulfilment pricing and costs; instead, they take time to discuss with you and tailor a pricing plan for your business. 

Here are the key services your business will get from James and James Fulfilment:

  • Goods in

  • Warehousing and storage

  • Pick and pack

  • Shipping 

  • Returns management

  • Integration with different platforms

4. 3P Logistics

3P Logistics is a third-party logistics company that specialises in providing logistics and fulfilment services to businesses in the UK. Established in 2006, 3P Logistics opened its first 75,000 sq. ft 3PL headquarter in 2014, a 3PL Fusion Technology Platform in 2015, and a second fulfilment 55,000 sq. ft hub in 2019. In total, the company has 250,000 sq. ft of global warehousing space.

Thanks to this warehouse space, 3P Logistics can provide fulfilment services on a large scale. The company has locations in the UK, the USA, China and New Zealand, allowing them to serve more businesses across the globe. With approximately 200 employees, 3P Logistics can  fulfil more than 1 million orders each year. 

The company helps small businesses reach more customers, reduce costs, and improve service levels. Additionally, their platform integrates seamlessly with websites such as Amazon and eBay or your own company website, making it easier to fulfil customer orders. You can request a quote via the website to get tailored pricing information for 3PL services. 

3P Logistics offers the following services:

  • Multi-channel eCommerce order fulfilment

  • Pick and pack fulfilment

  • B2B retail fulfilment

  • Subscription box fulfilment

  • Stock storage

  • Third-party logistics

  • Freight forwarding

  • Crowdfunding fulfilment

  • Amazon fulfilment

  • Order fulfilment

  • Groupon fulfilment

  • Contact centre

5. Torque

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Having been in the logistics business since 1991, Torque is a 3PL service provider that started out in Yorkshire before expanding to London and Wigan. Torque works with fast expanding businesses to deliver products to the customer. 

The shipping company adapts to the changing retail space to meet specific customer requirements. The company’s SaaS is 100% compatible with platforms such as Magento, Demandware, Shopify, and Netsuite. Torque has invested significantly in technology in their Warehouse Management System to provide better services to their customers.

With 30 years in the industry, Torque now operates in seven locations and has eight warehouses to fulfil customer orders. In addition, they have employed over 1,000 employees in all their locations.

Some of the key services provided by Torque include:

  • State of the art Warehouse Management System for real-time reporting.

  • Returns management and processing.

  • Seamless integration between company platforms and suppliers and carriers.

  • Specialised fulfilment services like gift wrapping and personalised despatch notes.

  • Flexible freight solutions by road, rail, sea and air.

  • Pre-retail stock management

  • IT and tech support.

  • Warehouse, picking and packing.

6. Storeship

Storeship is a one-stop 3PL provider that specialises in warehousing and eCommerce fulfilment services for online stores. If you are an online retailer, Storeship will store your stock in their warehouses, connect your company sales outlets to their software, pick, pack, and ship your orders and deliver them to your customers from their UK fulfilment centres.

Storeship has been in the industry for more than 20 years; therefore, they have the right experience and technology to provide real-time tracking and reporting. In case you have any queries, Storeship has a dedicated admin staff and a personal account manager to assist. Because of this, you can follow up on your orders.

Additionally, Storeship does not have ongoing management or account-keeping fees for standard accounts; therefore, it’s an attractive option for businesses with varying logistics requirements. Their payment system is Pay As You Go; you only pay for the services your business will use. Furthermore, their quotes are personalised depending on the number of orders shipped and the size of the products. 

Storeship integrates with multiple platforms, including Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Etsy, ShipStation, Spotify, SquareSpace, WooCommerce, and OnBuy. The company has more than 50 employees. 

The key services include:

  • Free cloud based software

  • Rapid returns service

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Telephone support

  • Custom services

  • Kitting

  • Warehousing and distribution

7. ProFS

Professional Fulfilment Services (ProFS) is a third-party logistics firm based in the UK. This service provider works with mid-to-large-sized B2B and B2C eCommerce companies. Starting out in the Channel Islands about a decade ago, ProFS has expanded and now runs operations in the UK and Zurich. 

If you engage ProFS for your business, you’ll have access to end-to-end supply chain solutions. They utilise technology in their operations which plays a pivotal role in integrating their Warehouse Management System with multiple eCommerce platforms, ERP systems and Omnichannel partners. ProFS integrates with Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Volo, Linnworks, Hybris, Groupon, and Channel Advisor. 

The company has two UK fulfilment centres in Bedford and Kempston. This allows them to offer  same-day dispatch, next-day delivery priority, and tracked deliveries. ProFS employs more than 50 employees in its centres. 

Here are the services you should expect from ProFS:

  • Freight services

  • Inventory management

  • Pick, pack and dispatch

  • End-to-end services

  • Order processing

  • Courier and delivery management

  • Reverse logistics and returns management

  • 4PL services

  • Consulting services

8. Tarlu Ltd

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Tarlu are third-party fulfilment specialists that work with all types of businesses from small startups to Europe’s fastest growing companies. Founded in 2016, Tarlu has expanded to become the 3PL partner of choice for B2B and D2C companies across Europe and now employs more than 200.  

Tarlu supports its customers via its IT and cloud-based warehouse management systems. So far, the company has six operational facilities in the UK and is planning to acquire one more by the end of 2022. To cater for different types of businesses, Tarlu provides a detailed pricing plan that covers a range of fulfilment services.

At Tarlu, all operations are optimised and managed by a combination of a cloud-based warehouse management system, first-class staff, and the best resources. In addition, it integrates easily with other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon, OnBuy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and SquareSpace.

Tarlu provides a range of services, including:

  • Scheduled reporting

  • 70 online shopping integrations

  • 90 courier integrations

  • Pick, pack, and dispatch

  • Shipping services

  • Returns management

9. Lloyd Fraser

Lloyd Fraser is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned third-party logistics companies. Established in 1987, the company set up its first 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse a year later. The company, which started as a family-style business, now offers value-added logistics and warehouse services to a wide range of companies nationally and globally. 

If you are looking for a reliable supply chain partner, Lloyd Fraser is an option to consider. They have a flexible approach to liquid and retail logistics which they use to tailor services to a client’s individual needs. Additionally, they offer both short and long-term contracts to customers at a cost-effective price.

Lloyd Fraser has 16 locations in the UK which cater to different types of businesses, whether you need fashion or bulk liquid logistics services. In addition, they take advantage of the latest technologies in the industry to ensure that they provide efficient services to their clients.

Due to the scale of operations, Lloyd Fraser employs more than 500 employees. You can get the following services from this 3PL provider:

  • Transportation management system

  • Warehouse management system

  • Storage 

  • Track and trace

  • Returns and reverse logistics

  • Inter-store transfers

10. SW Logistics

Another third-party logistics provider to consider in the UK is SW Logistics. This independent distribution partner provides next-day delivery for pallets of all sizes. SW Logistics has its own pallet network and uses its drivers and trucks to transport your orders from the collection point to the final customer.

SW Logistics has been in operation for the last six decades, which has allowed them to serve in different sectors. They have a specialist team and specialised equipment to handle customer goods with care until the final destination. Since they run their own network, there is maximum visibility which is essential in providing quality services.

Additionally, the logistics company has invested in technology and systems infrastructure to ease operations. SW Logistics has more than 100 vehicles on the road, 150,000 sq. ft of warehouse space, six distribution depots, and more than 150 members of staff. 

SW Logistics provides the following key services:

  • Labelling and bagging

  • JIT automotive logistics

  • Quality control

  • Diagnosis and testing

  • Co-packing kitting and assembly

  • Product rework

  • Pre-assembly line production

  • Warehouse Management System

  • Order handling and processing

11. Wincanton

Wincanton has been in operation for more than 100 years and is a leading third-party logistics provider in the UK. As a trusted partner for Britain’s most recognisable brands, it specialises in e-fulfilment, grocery and consumer products, public and industrial sector, and general merchandise. Thanks to its reputation, Wincanton partners with brands such as HPC, ASDA, British Sugar, and Lucozade.

As a 3PL partner, Wincanton caters to all customer supply chain needs and provides a range of integrated supply chain solutions. The company brings in a revenue of £1.4 billion and employs 20,300 people in 200 sites across the country. In addition, the company has more than 170 locations and 16,100 sq. ft warehouse space. Wincanton is responsible for 8,500 vehicles and employs 5,380 drivers. 

Here are the key services provided by Wincanton:

  • Handling and distribution

  • Storage

  • High volume e-fulfilment

  • Two-person home delivery

  • Fleet and transport management

  • Network optimisation

12 Pointbid Logistics Systems Limited

Pointbid Logistics System has more than 50 years of providing e-fulfilment, consolidated logistics warehousing, and 3PL Logistics. This privately-owned company started by delivering goods across the UK, but it has expanded over the years to form a transport network that supports movement in the UK and across Europe. 

The company has invested in technology which comes in handy in developing a fully integrated web-based platform that makes it possible to track orders. Pointbid Logistics' use of technology, flexibility and experience provides scalable solutions for e-fulfilment. In addition, customers have 24/7 access to order and inventory information.

Pointbid Logistics has 126,000 sq. ft warehouse space situated along major motorways in Birmingham. From here, the 3PL company can service customers across the globe. 

Here are the key services provided by Pointbid Logistics Systems Limited:

  • Warehousing and storage solutions

  • Pick and pack

  • Multiple integrations with eCommerce platforms

  • Returns management

  • Shipping

13. Turners Distribution

Established in 1930, Turners Distribution has been in operation for over 80 years. Since its establishment, it has grown to become one of the most successful and largest privately-owned transport companies in the UK. Today, the logistics company employs more than 3,400 people and operates 1850 vehicles.

Since 1994, Turners has operated temperature-controlled storage. They expanded this business by adding the warehousing division, which has expanded exponentially. Today, the company holds more than 100,000 pallets and covers 135,000 movements.

Turners also established a packing and processing division in 2001, which includes three separate facilities. Apart from that, the company has strategically located sites in Suffolk and Bicker, Newmarket, and Lincolnshire.  

Turners Distribution offers a range of services such as:

  • Transportation services

  • Packing

  • Warehousing and storage services

  • Container logistics

  • Courier services

14. Gist

Gist has a proven track record in the logistics industry for more than 50 years. This third-party logistics company prides itself in transforming supply chains and providing innovative solutions to its customers. The company started by developing the first-ever centralised chilled distribution network in the UK over 50 years ago. 

Using technology and experienced freight professionals, Gist has extended its reach globally. The end-to-end supply chains make it easy for the logistics company to move products by land, air, or sea. Additionally, Gist manages transport and warehouse operations for businesses.

Gist provides the following services:

  • Global freight management

  • Contract logistics

  • Temperature controlled logistics

  • Food service

15. Zendbox

Zendbox is one of the world’s leading eCommerce 3PL fulfilment providers. As a premium 3PL solution, Zendbox handles the entire supply chain from picking, packing, to dispatching orders, inventory management and customer returns. They tailor their services according to the needs of the business. 

For effective supply chain management, Zendbox provides the best services by leveraging automated technology with Zendportal. Additionally, it has the expertise of a diverse team that helps with logistics management. Zendbox integrates with multiple web platforms and collaborates with world-class couriers to provide efficient third-party logistics services.

Over the past 12 months, Zendbox has fulfilled more than 3 million orders in its fulfilment centres. As one of the most trusted third-party logistics providers, Zendbox works in different industries, including FMCG, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, sports nutrition, and luxury goods. 

The key services provided by Zendbox include:

  • Custom packaging

  • Shipping

  • Returns management

  • eCommerce integration

  • Courier integration investor analysis

  • Order management

16. ILG UK

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International Logistics Group (ILG) is a market-leading third-party logistics management company. It specialises in delivery services and high-quality order fulfilment. Most of ILG’s customers are fast-growth premium brands in the fashion, beauty, and wellbeing industries.

Established in 1990, ILG started with a single delivery vehicle, a 5,000 sq. ft warehouse and 5 employees. Today, it’s part of the global 3PL Yusen Logistics and one of the leading logistics service providers with 11 fulfilment facilities in the UK and EU. 

ILG handles the entire supply chain for customers thanks to a high-calibre team of more than 500 people, the latest fulfilment technology and hardware, as well as specialised facilities. 

Here are the services that ILG offers:

  • Returns management

  • Gift wrapping

  • Personalising products

  • Freight services

  • Product packaging

17. RCS Logistics

RCS Logistics is a third-party logistics company with its headquarters in Corby, in the Midlands, UK. This Northamptonshire’s central location makes the supply management company one of the most accessible areas and a hub of the UK’s logistics operations. Established in 1973, the family-owned RCS Logistics originally operated as a coal merchant before expanding to offer transport and storage solutions. 

The logistics management company specialises in providing transportation and supply chain warehousing services across the UK, Continental Europe, and Ireland. The company is part of the Rhesus Group; therefore, it can offer international logistics solutions globally.

RCS Logistics employs more than 250 people to provide logistics solutions to customers. Here are the key services offered by the 3PL provider:

  • Logistics management

  • Freight services

  • Offshore logistics

  • eCommerce fulfilment

  • Courier solutions

  • Rework and value-added services

  • Shared/dedicated user warehouses

  • Warehousing logistics

18. Fullers Logistics

Fullers Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that provides multi-channel, end-to-end fulfilment services for small businesses. Having been in operation since 1961, Fullers Logistics operates from its warehouses in the South and Midlands. The family-owned logistics company employs over 300 people to handle supply management tasks for businesses.

With Fuller Logistics, operations are seamless because they sync their business systems to your business eCommerce software. It integrates with over 40 platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Weebly, BigCommerce, and Squarespace. Thanks to this integration, customers can tell when the order has been picked, packed, and shipped.

Fuller Logistics runs three multi-channel fulfilment centres in Berkshire, Hampshire, and Warwickshire. The company's main solutions include:

  • End-to-end fulfilment

  • Storage, picking, packing, and dispatch

  • Promotion and marketing campaign fulfilment

  • Re-boxing and re-labelling

19. Adstral Fulfilment

Since its establishment in 2010, Adstral Fulfilment has grown to become one of the most popular independent fulfilment companies. Based in Swindon, the company supports several SME businesses in the UK and globally.

Adstral offers a whole range of 3PL order fulfilment solutions, including product storage, bagging, gift wrapping, labelling, Amazon product preparation, and more. To accomplish all the tasks, Adstral fulfilment employs about 200 people. 

Adstral’s order fulfilment service covers health and beauty, trade and retail, B2C distribution, small-medium businesses, and subscriptions. The company’s system integrates with platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

Here are the key services you should expect from the company:

  • eCommerce fulfilment

  • Returns management

  • Contract packing

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Amazon preparation

20. Rapid Pack Fulfilment

Rapid Pack Fulfilment is a fairly new entrant in the logistics market. Established in 2020, this third-party logistics company is centrally located in Oldbury near Birmingham, close to the airport, motorways, and national courier hubs. Rapid Pack Fulfilment receives, picks, packs, processes, and checks the quality of the orders before shipping. As a new company, they employ less than 50 people. 

As one of the fastest growing eCommerce fulfilment providers in Europe, Rapid Pack serves social media brands, influencers, medium-sized stores, small business pick and pack, brick and mortar stores, and promotion providers. 

Here are the main services Rapid Pack Fulfilment provides:

  • Pick and pack

  • eCommerce fulfilment

  • Warehouse storage

  • eBay, Marketplace, and Amazon fulfilment

  • Domestic and international shipping

21. JLI Fulfilment

JLI Fulfilment provides streamlined solutions to businesses to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer on time. The company has optimised processes, systems, and skilled employees to ensure order fulfilment and efficient inventory control. Established in 2021, JLI Fulfilment is becoming a trusted logistics partner.

JLI Fulfilment allows you to integrate with existing business solutions and any eCommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Linnworks, and Shopify. In addition, they partner with top national couriers to deliver customer orders in time. The logistics management company employs less than 100 people and has a central fulfilment centre.

Here are the key services offered:

  • Inventory management

  • Labelling

  • Subscription boxes

  • Returns processing

  • Kitting and assembly

  • Gift wrapping

  • Omni channel fulfilment

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A third-party logistics partner is an important part of your supply chain management. Working with one of these 3PL companies allows you to focus on other areas of the business while the logistics company handles inventory management, shipping coordination, order fulfilment, exchanges, returns, and retail distribution.

Instead of managing your own distribution in-house, a 3PL helps with all the logistics. Third-party logistic companies are a secret ingredient for most eCommerce businesses. They protect the business from supply chain disruptions due to political instability, human resource shortages, and natural disasters.

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