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All you need to know about eBay seller finance – Working capital on your terms

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Last updated: August 23, 2022

Studies suggest that 60% of businesses fail within three years of their launch.

This failure can result from poor cash flow management, lack of strategy, or intense competition. However, a major cause of failure is that nearly 1 in 3 small businesses simply run out of cash.

When we talk about online sellers, specifically eBay sellers, there is a strong need for solid finance to create products, fund stock acquisition, and launch marketing campaigns. 

Many eBay business owners will turn towards getting a loan from a financial institution. This may seem like a simple process, but most banks have strict criteria for approving loans, and eBay sellers need a quick response to avoid bottlenecks in their business.

If time and speed are your primary concern, Bloom can provide you with capital funding of up to £5 million within 24 hours of applying.

In addition, qualified eBay business sellers can also take advantage of a repayment plan that links repayments to revenue. That is why eBay loans can be a viable solution for your business, and Bloom offers you the best revenue-based financing for eCommerce.

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Who is eBay seller working capital finance for?

If you're and eBay business seller and you opt for revenue-based funding, your repayments will only become due once you cash in on the items you've sold. This is an excellent option for eBay business sellers who need cash to fuel their business processes.

As an eBay seller, you will constantly be looking for discounts on high-volume orders. The more you can order, the better the terms you will be able to command and the greater the profit you will make on each sale. You'd probably need to spread your own resources quite thin to be able to benefit from these large-volume deals while waiting for your revenue to come in from customer orders, but eBay capital finance eliminates these kinds of bottlenecks.

What can eBay working capital seller finance be used for?

Bloom offers businesses a simple solution called revenue-based financing, making it possible for eBay-based enterprises to fund their day-to-day operations and make repayments based on revenue.  With eBay seller capital, you will be able to afford some of these expenses:

Fund your supply chain

eBay working capital

eBay seller capital enables businesses to negotiate on their personalised terms with suppliers and partners. It allows eligible sellers to improve the profit margins of their business.        

Introduce new products and collections to your store

For small businesses to grow and attract more customers, they need to introduce variety in their products. Owners need considerable capital to introduce a new product range to their customers.        

Spend more on ad campaigns

An ad campaign can help you increase sales. However, a successful ad campaign often requires a big upfront investment. eBay seller capital powered by Bloom can allow you to spend on your marketing activities and bring your product in front of your customers.

Hire more staff

eBay seller finance

Hiring top talent can often be costly. Facilitating financing can be used to cover recruitment costs to hire the top talent for your business.

Keep up to date on VAT payments

Most UK businesses fail to recognise the significant expense of end-of-year tax and VAT payments. Financing options allow you to make these payments without impacting your operational cash flows.

Support continued growth

eBay capital

eBay sellers want to grow their business which results in increased expenses. One of the biggest expenses that eBay sellers face when growing their business is increasing stock levels and coverage. Revenue-based finance helps fulfil all these costs, boosting your profits.

Check your eligibility for an eBay seller loan from Bloom

Bloom allows businesses to receive funds if they:

1.     Make £10,000 in monthly sales

2.     Have been operating for over a year

3.     Are already established as an online business

How much does eBay UK funding cost?

Bloom offers funding of up to £5 million based on your business's needs. We charge only a flat fee, alongside a percentage of sales generated. We charge your account only when you make a sale, until the principal amount and the fee have been repaid.  

How to apply for eBay sellers' working capital lending with Bloom

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, connect your eBay account and select a funding option.

Bloom releases funds into your bank account within 24 hours of your online application to ensure that your cash flow doesn't get restricted in any way.

You are free to use these funds to invest in business needs such as ad campaigns, digital marketing, stock procurement, and more. This can be an excellent option for small businesses that cannot afford a large loan fee from other funding providers.

Why choose Bloom for an eBay business sellers' loan in the UK?

eBay UK is one of the largest sellers of goods that ship globally. According to Statista, 87% of UK households made online purchases in 2020. And, as you're well aware, eBay sellers in the UK can make profits by selling products all over the world.

Applying for an eBay loan allows you to fund your business growth and achieve success. Sign up to partner with Bloom today and enjoy the following benefits:

Fair terms

As a Bloom client you agree on a fixed percentage to be deducted from your ecommerce sales, plus a fixed fee. That's it. There are no hidden charges, no extra fees, and no early payback fees.

100% your equity

Revenue-based financing lets you enjoy complete control over your business, making you the ultimate decision-maker. Equity-based loans dilute your shares, but Bloom will only take a fixed percentage of the sales until the principal amount and origination fees are paid back.


The Bloom platform allows you to pay back only after your customer has paid you, and in proportion to the revenue you've generated. 

Quick processing

Bloom ensures the swift processing of your funds. Once approved, we deposit the funds into your bank account within 24 hours, so you can quickly process your expenses and any eBay-managed payments.

Apply for your eBay sellers' loan today

eBay working capital loan UK

A good online business is always ahead of its competition. Your business will need funding sooner or later. Instead of going to traditional lenders and undergoing tedious processes to get approval for a loan, give us a call to discuss your financing needs. Bloom is the ultimate solution, whether you want to fund your supply chain expenses, marketing spend, or even your taxes.

Visit and apply in a matter of minutes, getting quick access to your funds within one business day. To learn more, call us on +44 204 579 4867


1.     Can eligible sellers apply for additional funding?

Yes! Eligible sellers can apply for additional funding as soon as you've paid off 60% of your opening balance.

2.     Do I have to pay an application fee?

We offer a straightforward payment structure that doesn't include any application fee.

3.     How much revenue do I need to share with Bloom?

This depends on the company applying for the funds. We charge most partners with an eBay UK store 5-20% of their sales.

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